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Entry #19

Flash Progress, Summer Update #3

2009-07-31 16:16:31 by Bluefox77

I've been a busy bee during this last week, been working on both projects.

Project 1 ( hand-drawn), features of game:

Plains: 9/9 100% complete
Jungle: 13/15, 86.6%
Sub-Zero: 12/15, 80%
Spaceport: 12/16, 75%
Spaceship: 11/15, 73.3%
Overall: 57/70, 81.4% complete!

However, the character sprite isn't included in this and still needs drawing, there's also the menus and more scripting to be done so it's a bit less than 81.4% complete, more like 60%.

Project 2 (Metroid):

Going well, but I still need to iron out some script issues and add some more to it, it's currently at 1341 lines of AS2 coding within the Samus MC. I'll be allowing her to jump while shooting and I'll be adding to ability to fire MISSILES ( once unlocked in game though). Morphball mode works really well too and she can drop morphbombs now as well. On hold atm.

So yeah, the projects are going well and I hope to finish one of them within two months.


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