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Flash Progress, Summer Update #3

2009-07-31 16:16:31 by Bluefox77

I've been a busy bee during this last week, been working on both projects.

Project 1 ( hand-drawn), features of game:

Plains: 9/9 100% complete
Jungle: 13/15, 86.6%
Sub-Zero: 12/15, 80%
Spaceport: 12/16, 75%
Spaceship: 11/15, 73.3%
Overall: 57/70, 81.4% complete!

However, the character sprite isn't included in this and still needs drawing, there's also the menus and more scripting to be done so it's a bit less than 81.4% complete, more like 60%.

Project 2 (Metroid):

Going well, but I still need to iron out some script issues and add some more to it, it's currently at 1341 lines of AS2 coding within the Samus MC. I'll be allowing her to jump while shooting and I'll be adding to ability to fire MISSILES ( once unlocked in game though). Morphball mode works really well too and she can drop morphbombs now as well. On hold atm.

So yeah, the projects are going well and I hope to finish one of them within two months.

New Project idea

2009-07-18 13:06:20 by Bluefox77

I'm taking a short break (two weeks) from my current project and moving on to a slightly different flash game format. I'm going to use sprites for this one and I was thinking of a flash version of Metroid.

BUT, I want to do it well, it'll be shorter than the current project I'm working on (untitled atm). Doing something like a flash game of metroid will allow me to find out how to do the code for shooting ( I'd imagine loading a MC at a certain speed with an offset to the player).

It might be Metroid, it might not be but want I'm planning on doing is a 2D shooter with sprites (cause then I'll have one hand drawn project and one sprite project.).

Anyway here is the current status on the first projects platforming elements
Plains: 7/8, 87.5%
Jungle: 12/14, 85.7%
Sub Zero: 5/16, 31.25%
Space: 2/16, 12.5%
Spaceship: 2/16,12.5%
Overall, 28/70, 40% Complete!

So as you can see, there's a long way to go on this one but I'll get there as I'll be working on both at the same time.

This will also give me a chance to get influence (not rip-off) from the sci-fi graphics of metroid.

Any suggestions for either project is welcome.

New Project idea

I've just submitted a second beta so feel free to give any feedback, it'll help me improve the final product.

So far I've done 23/74 ( beforehand it was more but I'm redoing some stuff) so it'll be a while before it's finished, perhaps October( probably the latest) or end of August.

Flash Progress, Summer Update #1

2009-06-23 14:14:20 by Bluefox77

I hope to do a bunch of these updates to let people know how the flash is going but also as a sort of progress journal for myself:
A few days ago I compiled a table for the platforming elements in my game, I'll be ticking off each box one by one. The table is Area by Features.
There are 80 ( minus 6 for certain features in earlier stages not being included) boxes in total to be filled .

So far, I have done 25/74, I aim to do about 2 a day. So I have about 33% of the game complete ( without including other types of gameplay; character design or story).
I'll update again ( with a flash submission) pretty soon but I need to make more changes to the platforming engine and features.

Full Speed Ahead!

2009-06-19 13:10:13 by Bluefox77

Yesterday, I finished my final GCSE exam!
So now I can finally get on with my flash project (along with other things).
Expect it to be released later this Summer.
Until then I'll be working on it and worrying about my GCSE results that'll arrive in August.

I've also submitted a test to gain feedback ( it's easier to keep the feedback in the reviews) so CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated.

I have 8 more GCSE exams to go and then I'm done for this year! Once they're finished I get to work on my flash a lot more. Full Speed Ahead (soon) !

Last night I went to see the Manic Street Preachers live in concert ( for the 2nd time). They played it in two sets, the whole of journal for plague lovers and then various hits in the second half. I've been to about 30 gigs in my lifetime ( since aged 10) and this may have been the best so far. The band had a string quartet with them which helped add to songs like A Design for Life and Williams Last Words. The acoustics of the Roundhouse ( the avenue I went to ) really helped too.

Sadly I can't take English Lit for A level because it conflicts with Maths so I'm doing English Language instead.

Life lately

2009-05-16 16:14:54 by Bluefox77

I am currently in the middle of my GCSE exams, now on study leave officially. I've also made a final decision on what I'm doing for A-levels, I had a sort of panic attack last night in bed when thinking about the future, will I use chemistry? If I do, I can always cover it in a foundation year:
English Literature(replaced chemistry)

Currently I'm thinking of going into Aeronautic Engineering, but Cosmology and Astronomy are potential fields too.
Only two days until Journal for Plague Lovers comes out, I've pre-ordered a copy.

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The lyrics on this album are much better than what Nicky Wire has come up with lately ( then again, Send Away the Tigers was pretty good).

The Flash:
It's coming along slowly, gradually coming to a halt as the exams become more intense. I got the treads movement synched ( it took a while ) finally with the pixel movement across the stage, so that's good.

I'm open to suggestions to improve my flash, unfortunately I don't know AI ( i should learn really, but I'm a bit lazy like that).

Yesterday our school had a leavers party, we got an achievements book each. I managed to obtain 6. One was for Art and Design, the irony of it was that the typography was atrocious and there were no attractive features to it. HMM. The "Record of Achievement" books are really just ego boosters to be honest.

Journal for Plague Lovers

2009-05-10 08:48:52 by Bluefox77

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I've been listening to this album on youtube to see how good it is, I'm impressed. I especially love the rift and solo to this song. Lyrics are awesome too, what more can I expect from Richey James? The video isn't mine btw.

School Work:
I had my Spanish speaking GCSE yesterday , I did well according to my teacher so that's good. Now I've just gotta get through the rest of the exams. FUN! But hey, I've devised a timetable for revision, 6 hours free time a day, 7 hours revision, that'll work hopefully.

THE Flash:
I've been trying to spend at least an hour or two a day on my flash, it's really just artwork at the moment, I've been keeping my hand active for my Art GCSE on the 20-21st of May, it's two days because it's 10 hours ( 5hrs a day for those who can't divide ). 10 hours?! Also I was thinking about the suggestions from the post beforehand, I'd like to do a boss battle but I know no AI, does it have to be AI? Most likely yes. Anyway, it's still an option.

I'm not making any levels yet, instead I'm drawing all of the things in the game converting them into MCs and storing them on a single SWF. I'm also emailing backups to myself to ensure it doesn't get lost. Technology these days can be a real bitch after all.

16 today!

2009-05-04 09:20:47 by Bluefox77

It's my birthday today, just playing Fallout 3 on the PS3 along with getting stuff from the PS3 store. It took me ages to hack the computer terminal.

Also got tickets to see the Manic Street Preachers later on this month, it'll be great.

The flash game is going is quite well, I keep thinking of new ideas to put into it. Especially since I started playing old PS1 games like Crash Bandicoot 1, brings back a lot of memories. Last night I drew the computer terminal for the checkpoints in my game.

And I finished all of my Art Coursework on time but finished my Exam prep work three weeks early
( Oh for..). So now I've been released from the grips of Artwork but into the claws of revision for my GCSE exams, GREAT. But everyone has to do it, so yeah.

Also check this out too, embedding was disabled so here's the URL:Jackie Collins Existential Question Time


2009-04-21 13:02:59 by Bluefox77

Lately, I've been feeling the pressure not only from revision but also from Art prep and coursework.
For the art prep i still have to about 6 images along with analysis and an evaluation. I still have 4 coursework pieces for art left to do. This is all due for next thursday ( at least I'm at home all day). This begs the question, why did I take Art in the first place??

I haven't had the chance to work on my flash project much and I really cant give up on it ( i dont want to anyway) because I've come so far and learnt quite a bit.

It'll be great once I've finished this year, I can finally do the subjects I'm fully interested in next year, so that's something to look forward to ( not the work load however).

However, the PS3 has kept my spirits up, we've only had it for a month but I've gotten full enjoyment out of it ( but I wonder what this is doing to my social status, best not to think about it too much).

And it's less than a month until the Manic Street Preachers release their new album, Journal for Plague Lovers on the 18th of May. Here's the opening track, it's darker than the past few albums:

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